Why Join?

There are three simple rules in Legacy X:

 Inspire change within yourself.

Inspire change within someone else.

Give back to your community.

If you are ready to make change, want to help others make change and
want to give back to your community,this is the place for you!

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Legacy X is a game changer. Positivity, inspiration, growth, change! An amazing global group of people.
Tina FreemanFontana, CA
Legacy X to me is strength! It inspires me to be stronger. It inspires me to help others be stronger!
Brenna LeesLas Vegas, NV
Legacy X puts a positive spin on life while striving to help others see the good in life.
Lynn PetersonNorthwood, NH
Being a part of this amazing, supportive group of people has helped me step out of my comfort zone in many ways. It has showed me what I am capable of.
Jessica ChristianLongmont, CO
Legacy X is a movement that will change the world!
Charlene MathewsTorrington, CT
Legacy X is filled with people who are looking to better themselves their community and the world around them. With people like that, I believe anything is possible.
Tanya BarnesLas Vegas, NV
Legacy X is an amazing team of inspirational individuals from around the globe working hard to support each other in order to support the ultimate goal in making a greater difference in the world.
Sarah SmartNorfolk, UK
We as a group are not only going to change the world, we are also changing ourselves.
Shyanne MooreCalgary, Alberta, Canada
Inspiring people to be bigger than they could ever have imagined. Human connection is all part of our DNA – you have just created that with this organization. You will go far!
Melissa BlynnLas Vegas
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X’er of the Month

X’er of the Month

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